Acum 2 luni
JeT_LacK 1.3
JeT_LacK 1.3 Acum 16 ore
Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller Acum 17 ore
me in 2015: this is awesome!! i want to buy this game me now: GeT Me ShArES i waAnT In!!!
Evan Greene
Evan Greene Acum 17 ore
This whole game is the best cod I’ve ever played
Autismo 110
Autismo 110 Acum 18 ore
The most Legendary FPS for its time.
جيب عشاك
جيب عشاك Acum 18 ore
ابلع ديسلايك ⁦⁦🤦🏼‍♂️⁩
Lizard Boi
Lizard Boi Acum 20 ore
It’s disgusting how they called this an “original co-op experience”
S G Acum 20 ore
2 years later and only liked for the song
Jonny Kraska
Jonny Kraska Acum 20 ore
Reagan:is the threat real hudson: yes sir I believe it is
Jesse Shane Prunty
Jesse Shane Prunty Acum 20 ore
cod3name_ blackw0lf
cod3name_ blackw0lf Acum 20 ore
naga is the ghost in bo cw
cod3name_ blackw0lf
cod3name_ blackw0lf Acum 20 ore
Johan Myung
Johan Myung Acum 21 oră
I want RAMBO in this war
cod3name_ blackw0lf
cod3name_ blackw0lf Acum 21 oră
raygun is back baby
cod3name_ blackw0lf
cod3name_ blackw0lf Acum 21 oră
bravo six going dark
Why-Pay -To-Win
Why-Pay -To-Win Acum 21 oră
Remember switching to your pistol is faster than reloading.
frrr6.7 0
frrr6.7 0 Acum 21 oră
Animator : hyper Reload actor : Schrodinger
Jesse Shane Prunty
Jesse Shane Prunty Acum 21 oră
Don’t Remember This Because In NotThe Smell Of Gun Bullet BO2 ThisWas Not The Last Black Ops Treyarch Black Ops And Not For Me Because Of How Not Bad It Is Not Belong With The Old Workers Who Didnt Work On WAW BO1 BO2
Chaz Brown
Chaz Brown Acum 21 oră
Elemental body armor would be a great touch
Strabiliamente Strabiliante
Strabiliamente Strabiliante Acum 22 ore
A game too underrated.
Alex Gallardo
Alex Gallardo Acum 22 ore
2021, AND I'M STILL IN LOVE W/ EXTINCTION. Thank you, Infinity. <3
MiniSurviv.ioGameYT Acum 22 ore
Call Duty WarZone Top 😀😃😃😃😁
v Acum 22 ore
I don't care what anyone says, infinite warfare is definitely top 3 in terms of campaign story.
King Lord
King Lord Acum 23 ore
Just wanted to know is outbreak really the new map for season 2 or will they be adding another because it’s not really a map just Warzone with zombies
LV_F4cu _Macedo
LV_F4cu _Macedo Acum 23 ore
Can_I_Have_5_Bucks Acum 17 ore
Blue Monday
Reese's Pieces ꧂
Reese's Pieces ꧂ Acum 23 ore
Like if this is the best campaign
OnePump Scottie
OnePump Scottie Acum o Zi
Lol where is the creativity on outbreak is a multiplayer map 😂😂😂
Álvaro Rodríguez
Álvaro Rodríguez Acum o Zi
How i can only buy this map? If i dont buy all the multiplayer maps??? Please helpme!! Greetings!!
Cole [REDACTED] Acum o Zi
Just gonna take the time to say that Naga Is a badass in this trailer
GManM1 30-06
GManM1 30-06 Acum o Zi
My favorite cod is world at war
LaZy Bo1
LaZy Bo1 Acum o Zi
Sell the finishers separately for maybe 500-800 cp
drip succubus • 2,000 years ago
drip succubus • 2,000 years ago Acum o Zi
this made cold war look like a high school art project
Little Levi
Little Levi Acum o Zi
Give us a cod ghost 2
Mike Fratello
Mike Fratello Acum o Zi
just 73 thousand more dislikes
Hamrit Acum o Zi
It was perfect before CW crept in
Future -
Future - Acum o Zi
CODPlaZz Acum o Zi
Bro who remembers if you was playing split screen and your friend seen you get a ray gun before him you all would fight 😂🤣🤣
Alphaboi 876
Alphaboi 876 Acum o Zi
2025 is just 4 years away everyone, so the time of bo2 is near. Pretty exciting right?
Vyper1300 Acum o Zi
Modern Warfare just another pay to win BS game that allows cheating
Vyper1300 Acum o Zi
Modern Warfare just another pay to win BS game that allows cheating
Vyper1300 Acum o Zi
Modern Warfare just another pay to win BS game that allows cheating
Ashly Choguix
Ashly Choguix Acum o Zi
Call of duty black ops 2 is better then this
Christian Vázquez Lima
Christian Vázquez Lima Acum o Zi
0:56 Mace makes it like Cancerbero ^__^
Laxer Gregg
Laxer Gregg Acum o Zi
Danny B is wrong I'm the last comment
Chris Aprile
Chris Aprile Acum o Zi
Can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. I remember staying up till 4am waiting for dlcs to drop
Old Man
Old Man Acum o Zi
Ian Arellano
Ian Arellano Acum o Zi
I love how playing zombies call of duty decides to close my game, this game is the best
DEAL151 Acum o Zi
Playing this on PS5 is bug fest.
bob the builder
bob the builder Acum o Zi
me have flashback in origine
Azmedian 2
Azmedian 2 Acum o Zi
this game was better than cold war
TheTinyMoose Acum o Zi
0:30 the way he says "proficiency" is very weird lol
tannyboy28 Acum o Zi
Goldify Acum o Zi
Stunning. Just, stunning.-
LordAlguien Acum o Zi
COD Mobile in 2021: -Tryhard Akimbo Fennec Players -Tons of Bugs -Black Screen -Kids thinking global chat is a dating app -Black Screen again -Hackers in Leyend (Ranked) -Bad Optimization
Luis Angel Martínez Bautista
Luis Angel Martínez Bautista Acum o Zi
Épico simplemente épico
L W Acum o Zi
Yesterday I bought modern warfare and it's not working, how do I get my money back?
Ashwin TheGammer
Ashwin TheGammer Acum o Zi
Dunno, how price get lucky everytime! He cheat death always...
Daki Acum o Zi
Why does this feel so creepy?
German Cortes
German Cortes Acum o Zi
The Best tráiler in the history of COD zombies. 💖💖💖🥰
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Acum o Zi
Mp players: Why are you crying? Zombies players this season: Wow, sniff they actually remembered us
Andre Delizo
Andre Delizo Acum o Zi
Space Iranees
Space Iranees Acum o Zi
Rebirth extreme the most cancer mode ever
EpicFace539 Acum o Zi
Too bad if they remaster this first than the children is going to play it thinking they are all cool without playing the first black ops
Victor Janssen
Victor Janssen Acum o Zi
More magnum rounds in Modern Warfare like Modern Warfare 3. Grenade Launcher and a private M18 for me because I'M THE LION, ZENA AND THE LORD.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Acum o Zi
Stefan Erhan
Stefan Erhan Acum o Zi
Does anyone know the song that starts at like 0:16?
alexachung 02
alexachung 02 Acum o Zi
Best campain in the world
ed sanchez
ed sanchez Acum o Zi
texas right now.
Ajumps1992 Acum o Zi
They’re in 1984 ... anyone think it’s possible for them to go & show lev kranchenko death from black Ops 2 or show how woods got captured in 1986 ?
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez Acum o Zi
Its been 8 years and we still don't know where Logan went
Bonnie The Bunny
Bonnie The Bunny Acum o Zi
This game is hated too much.
Doom slayer
Doom slayer Acum o Zi
The new zombie map comes out on apr 2 i think
Nerf Warfare exo zombies
Nerf Warfare exo zombies Acum o Zi
Ese juego es mi favorito
Ghost Hunter4445
Ghost Hunter4445 Acum o Zi
Why does ghost sound like bad guy from box trolls
SMLFAN 007 Acum o Zi
this trailer itself is better than cold war
Jake from Jake Farm
Jake from Jake Farm Acum o Zi
Bring RPK and HK21 back
Inferno Acum o Zi
Finna edit this in 2025
Arjuntheindianguy Acum o Zi
why is this on my recommended a year later?
Jake from Jake Farm
Jake from Jake Farm Acum o Zi
Treyarch Bring Back The Olympia or a double barrel shotgun any one will work!!!
Tariq Jaradat
Tariq Jaradat Acum o Zi
Mw 2019 could've been better if it didn't die
3.9 mn dislike gelmesinin sebebi bazı aptal insanların daha videoyu izlemeden dislike atmaları
Doctor Joe
Doctor Joe Acum o Zi
mmmm richer